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Looking For Something Positive With Marketing 

ROI … a 68 yr. old guy rode his bicycle to his 50-yr. High School reunion cross country to New Jersey.  Wow!  Now he’s going to do it AGAIN!  Departing October 24 from San Diego, California to Tampa, Florida. 

How Many Miles Per Day? 

I’ve been training around the hills of San Clemente for 2-yrs. – tracking over 30 miles per day – with over 30,000 vertical feet climbed every month – I use Strava and Garmin electronic apps for accountability.  For my first trip X-Country I did around 40-miles per day.  It should be about the same for Bike #2 X-Country Bike Event.    

2019 Lifeguard Competition – 3rd Place – Biathlon / 65-69 Age
Resting Heart Rate – 42
BP 118/77
No Medications
No Vitamins
49 yr. Raw Vegan


Xterra Triathlon – Laguna Beach, California – September 12, 2021
1st Place / 65-69 Age Division 


  You can see me on YouTube – “Paul Webb Training” – I’m the retired guy on the videos in every Mercedes-Benz dealership in the USA … and BMW. 

Previous Sports Sponsorship – USA

USA FIS Downhill Ski Racer
Amateur – Intermountain Division 1972-1980 / Pro Coors Ski Racing Tour 1980 to 1986  

         Nordica Boots
         Coors Beer
         Rosignol Skis
         Salomon Bindings
         Spyder Racing / Active Sports Gear
         Powder Hound Ski Shop
         Alta Sports / Snowbird Race Team
         Rustler Ski Lodge  

Previous Sports Sponsorship – USA  

PSIA – West (Professional Ski Instructors of America)
Division Clinic Leader  

         Nordica Boots
         Rosignol Skis
         Salomon Bindings
         Leki Poles
         North Face Clothing
         Squaw Valley Ski Corporation  

Previous Sports Sponsorship – USA  

Surfer & Ear Phones
Monster earphone sponsor video:   











I believe my athletic ability can inspire others.  I’m an ex-USA Downhill ski racer / 18 yrs. FULL TIME professional athlete AND 18 yrs. PART TIME professional athlete – 36 YEARS TOTAL.  Ocean Lifeguard Trainer – Santa Barbara, California & Australia Bronze Medallion holder.  Long distance open water record holder – 44-mile swim around Staten Island – 19-hrs. / 43-minutes – 1979 Sponsored by Century 21 Real Estate and Adidas.




Currently mountain biking 30-miles a day with 30k elevation a month – on Strava and Garmin apps – pulling 35 lb. trailer on 2.5-inch tires / heavy 36-lb. Trek 4300.  Great for conditioning.  Just finished the Bike #1 Summer of 2021 X-Country bicycle event riding 2899 miles in 89 days.  I’m ready for bike #2 event.








I can do “live Zoom” meetings with your sales team along the way over the next Bike #2 event over-day event. Your team “inspires me” with their sales efforts as I “inspire them” with my positive sales training and physical efforts – I can customize the Zoom meetings as per your managers needs with customized topics – for ALL your STAFF – ALSO MANAGEMENT TRAINING.)








Depart Date:       October 24, 2021 – San Diego, California
Route:                 RAAM (Race Across America Route) https://www.raamrace.org/route 
Finish:                 January 16, 2022 – Tampa, Florida
79 Days / 2534 miles = 32 miles per day












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“If this guy – at 68 – can bike across the country … I can bike to the store!”












We all need inspiration!  It’s ALSO a Book Tour … everyone I meet gets an electronic FREE copy of my book – “The Number One Best Selling Book” …. http://thenumberonebestsellingbook.com




All contacts receive digital signed copy of book: – doing interviews – sales training for corporate sponsors – Chamber of Commerce’s and Police Departments management training mini seminars (Certified POST ID C79-W82 trainer) when allowed with social distancing regulations.




(I’m a corporate trainer – www.ItsGreatTraining.com / https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulwebbtraining/





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