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The Number One Best Selling Book … Sales Training for Everyone

Written by Paul Webb and Dr. Cynthia Tobias … 100% Proceeds Donated To Challenged Athletes Foundation

This book has the potential to change the way you sell and make you more successful than you ever imagined. It combines research with practical strategies that really work.The techniques given in this book, apply to anyone who sells. You’ll learn how to open a relationship and turn a first-time customer into a customer for life.As a sales professional, if my goal is to make you a customer for life, my actions will reflect that. Instead of using slick gimmicks or sales formulas, you’ll learn to treat the customer with integrity. The book combines research with practical strategies that really work.

Paul H. Webb is a principal of Paul Webb Sales Training and WebbVT—both divisions of International Training Solutions, Inc., a company whose clients range from service professionals to vehicle manufacturers and national associations. Since 1988, Paul has provided training and consulting to leading private and publicly owned corporations and has presented as a keynote speaker to numerous conventions, seminars and associations.

Paul Webb’s unique training approach combines an interactive and “guide discovery” learning process with timed-tested effective sales and management techniques. He uses humor in his presentations (After all, when they’re laughing, they’re listening. When they listen, they learn!). A licensed NLP Master Trainer since 1999, Paul Webb is an internationally recognized expert in the field of neuro-linguistic programming and uses this science as the foundation for his training programs. 

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                                              SPORTS SINCE 1994

Paul Webb rode his bike to his 50 yr. High School Reunion.

2899 miles – California to New Jersey / Summer of 2021

It’s Time To Do It AGAIN!         Ride #2 – October 24, 2021

2534 miles – California to Florida / Fall of 2021

Looking for equipment sponsors for this #2 bike event – AND I HAVE ONE CHARITY SPONSOR THAT I’M RAISING MONEY FOR ON THE TOUR – in exchange for marketing your product.

Will do Zoom meetings along the route for your team – and share your logo brand on social media on real time interviews.

“I inspire you to increase your sales efforts with sales training and my physical efforts … you inspire me to keep on riding.  Deal!” (Plus contribute money to a wonderful charity – CAF)