The Difference Between Books

The Difference Between Books

The Number One Best Selling Books are an enlightening pair that teach the “7 Keys” to successfully selling a product or service.  These “Keys” teach you how to open a relationship and turn a first-time customer into a customer for life. Each book combines research with practical strategies that really work and are guided by Paul Webb’s vast experience in sales.

The Sales Training for Everyone Book (more info at presents great sales techniques that can be transfered from industry to industry with the same amazing success rate. Paul has seen this first hand through his training of real estate professionals, insurance people, school children and many more. This book will help you succeed in whatever business you may be in.

The book for Automotive Sales Professionals (more info at is tailored directly for those working in the automotive arena. Paul Webb shares his insider information and years of experience as an Automotive Sales Trainer. He keeps you plugged in to current and proven techniques that will create sustainable customer relationships.



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